Snow Mountain


IMGP3241-雪山 by 庭富 , CC BY-SA 4.0

At a glance

One of Taiwan's most iconic peaks, Snow Mountain is an easy 3 day trek suitable for beginner high mountain hikers. This 10.9k trail begins in Wuling farm and ascends through forest and meadow before reaching the Snow Mountain glacial cirque and finally the summit at 3886m. As one of Taiwan's most popular routes, this hike accepts early priority applications for foreign visitors up to 4 months in advance.

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  • Total distance

    22 km

  • Days required


  • Top 100 peaks


  • Locations

    Miaoli // Taichung

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  • Permits

    National Park

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    All cabins




22 KM





雪山登山口 by 愛吃的小猴子 , CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Recommended Itinerary


1.0 hrs / 2.0 km
Qika Cabin
Available at Qika Cabin, very reliable

Wuling to Qika Cabin

  Snow Trailhead   Qika Cabin

This hike begins at the Snow Mountain trailhead in Wuling farm. After checking in at the trailhead, it's a short 2km walk up wooden stairs to the Qika cabin where the first night can be spent if starting in the afternoon or evening.


5.0 hrs / 5.0 km
369 Cabin
Available at 369 Cabin, may be scarce during winter

Qika Cabin to 369 Cabin

  Qika Cabin   Snow E. Peak   369 Cabin

From Qika cabin the trail continues up switchbacks along steps through the forest. Around 4km the trail opens into a meadow with a viewing platform. This marks the beginning of the "crying slope", a steeper 1-2km section that takes you up to the East Peak. From the East Peak it's a short downhill walk along well-marked trail to the 369 cabin.


9.5 hrs / 15.0 km

369 Cabin to Summit and Return

  369 Cabin   Snow Mountain   369 Cabin   Qika Cabin   Snow Trailhead

From the 369 cabin the trail begins a short but steep climb along switchbacks through meadow until entering a rocky forested area. This beautiful pine and juniper forest is known as the black forest and continues for a couple more kilometers before the trail opens up near a weather station at the base of the Snow glacial cirque. Carefully follow the trail markers up to the left for the last kilometer or so toward the summit. Return along your original route to the 369 cabin, then down to Qika and the trailhead.

Top 100 Peaks

Covered by this route

Snow East Peak

Snow East Peak

Snow Mountain

Snow Mountain


Cabins and Campgrounds

Qika Cabin


This large cabin only 2km from the trailhead is a first stop for hikers starting in the afternoon or evening. With a large kitchen, toilets, solar power, and running water, this cabin offers meals and sleeping bag rental for an additional fee. Early booking for foreign visitors from Sunday to Thursday is available between 4 months and 65 days in advance. Regular applications are first come, first serve beginning 2 months in advance.

106 beds
30 tents
2510 m 121.28607°N

369 Cabin


The 369 Cabin lies near the 7km marker and is the final stop before tackling the Snow summit. This cabin features solar power, toilets, and running water. Meals and sleeping bag rental are available for an additional fee. Foreign visitors may make early bookings between 4 months and 65 days before their stay, and regular applications are first come, first serving beginning 2 months in advance.

106 beds 3150 m 121.25457°N

Permits and Transportation


A Shei-pa National Park Entry Permit is required for this route.

Park permits may be applied for online between two months and 5 days ahead of your date of first entry. Police mountain entry permits are not required for Shei-pa routes.


Wuling Farm is served by the Kuokuang (國光客運) 1751 and 1764 routes. It's about a 7km walk from the bus stop to the Snow trailhead, however the hotel near the bus stop offers shuttle service for NT$100 per person. Parking is available at the trailhead.